Tower Cloud Brings Upgrades to Southeastern United States


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    Tower Cloud Inc., a wireless infrastructure specialist providing services across the southeastern United States, completed a major upgrade to a portion of its network serving rural areas. The upgrade brings better and faster service to customers in rural areas of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama.

    In an effort to bring better connectivity to rural areas, Tower Cloud has built relationships with municipalities and businesses throughout these areas. The company has worked with communities to take advantage of previously installed fiber that was either unused or underutilized. This untapped network, in conjunction with some new construction, allowed Tower Cloud to gain quick access to new networks while also assisting those same communities.

    “If you are looking for speed to market and you can find a willing partner, you can create a win-win situation…putting to work fiber that’s underused, while also allowing a new market player like us to come and not be viewed as a threat but a partner,” said George Townsend, senior vice president of business development for Tower Cloud.

    Tower Cloud will be leasing the network from businesses and municipalities in these areas, which decreases the barrier of entry for Tower Cloud. It also lowers the networks’ cost for municipalities and creates revenue streams for Tower Cloud as the company can lease any unused fiber.

    Tower Cloud’s efforts not only benefit the community through the leasing revenues, but also provide rural communities with the necessary infrastructure to compete in today’s economy. In a press release that announced the recent upgrades, Ronald Mudry, Tower Cloud’s president and CEO, keyed in on the economic impact of the company’s municipal partnerships: “Carriers are now able to bring high capacity services to otherwise unconnected communities, resulting in an ongoing positive economic impact on hundreds of rural communities, thousands of businesses, and five of our nation’s most important military bases.”

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